Return to Service

Often, we think of airplanes as huge commuter shuttles that get us from one place to another for work or holidays. They are a means to an end, and most of us would rather sleep or entertain ourselves through a flight—but airplanes can be much more than that. There are still people and places around the globe that are cut off from the connections that we have through flight. One airplane can bring life to a place that is disconnected from the rest of our ever-shrinking world.

“Return to Service” is the term mechanics use to describe the state of an airplane when it is ready to be returned to the pilot. Airworthy, with endless possibility, airplanes can transform people and places—bringing hope, connecting people groups and sometimes saving the day in challenging circumstances. But have you ever wondered about the intricacies that keep these planes aloft? Small aircraft need constant monitoring and adjustments to remain efficient and safe.

Now while most of that is beyond how my brain works, my husband Elijah is extremely talented in fixing and maintaining aircraft. His mechanical skill is the beginning of a chain reaction that allows this hope to be spread. We are in the process of applying to MAF (Mission Aviation Fellowship) and hope to join this great organization one day and change the ending for isolated people around the world. Elijah will accomplish this by supporting the pilots by maintaining aircraft that transport people and supplies to remote locations.

Along the way, I hope to continue supporting him while raising a family that will ready themselves to be “returned to His service”, eager and willing for any opportunity to share God’s love. This blog follows Elijah’s work and our family to unique situations and places as we seek to serve and love others with the gifts that God has given us.

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