Pauses, Peanut Soup and “Taking Courage”

nampa fall leaves resizedThere’s a moment that I take, it consists of deep breath or two, each time I write a thank you note to take stock of the value of the lives we have connected with and how God has brought us together.

In that moment, I am usually overwhelmed with gratitude and humbled by all that God is able to accomplish through us and in spite of our shortcomings.

These last few months have been refining for me. I get so anxious in the midst of waiting. I find myself mentally squirming against this season of unknowns that has slowly and purposefully weighted me down to a deeper reliance on God. This is the wait to be fully funded. Today, we are $312 per month away from our minimum support needs. In the course of the time we have been in Idaho, we have seen this gap narrow, knowing that God is completely sovereign over this provision since we hardly have any contacts here outside MAF.

peanut soup resizedIn the meantime, I have been so thankful for all that God has blessed us with while we have been in training. That “deep breath” pause has been filled with knowledge, spiritual growth, a church we’ve connected with, a peaceful place to live, so many new friends and of course peanut soup.

I was introduced to peanut soup at a pre-Thanksgiving gathering we hosted at our apartment. A potluck style “friendsgiving” allowed for some friends of ours come together with their favorite American Thanksgiving dishes and have a parting meal before heading to the airport the next day for their field assignment.

Just like the many new friends I have made here, peanut soup (which I had no idea even existed) turned out to be a completely unique amazing thing that I was delighted to be introduced to. Peanut soup reminds me of the unique blessing in the community we have found here within MAF. Because so many of us must come and go, we practice the art of “instant friendship” to bond over a calling that’s bigger than ourselves. This sweet time of fellowship has strengthened our hearts as we have needed to practice peace and rest in our time of waiting.

In the midst of our waiting, we have been so encouraged by God providing both small details and seemingly impossible goals.

nampa birch treesMy fallible soul needs so many reminders to trust God—after all, there are so many “unknowns” and turbulent times just ahead of us as we anticipate departing for language school January 1, 2020. There’s a song I heard recently (Take Courage- Bethel Music feat. Kristene DiMarco) that really encapsulates how God is working on training my heart to rest in His timing.

It’s my mental anthem when the “what if’s” start to weigh heavy on my mind. I have a feeling that I am not the only one waiting on God. Give it a listen—I hope that it encourages you as much as it has for me.

“He’s in the waiting.”

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